Community • Hand-in-Hand We Transform & Transcend
Grassroots citizens often find it hard to live in Hong Kong amidst challenging times. However, with timely intervention through community organizing and empowerment, they are able to mitigate their plights through mutual help, and in turn contribute to the betterment of their communities in due course.
Beyond the Rod, Regain the Smile
Parents may feel helpless when dealing with children's emotion and behaviour. Beating children is not an effective method. Just by finding someone to talk, seeking support, and adopting positive parenting, you can establish a good parent-child relationship and let your children grow up healthily.
Jockey Club Project IDEAL
In response to the increasing pressure of Hong Kong parents, HKCSS has rolled out a project namely, Jockey Club Project IDEAL by engaging and coordinating multi-stakeholders as project partners. The project aims to facilitate mindset and practice change of parenting education among professional sector as well as community of parents towards the “transformative learning approach” and promoting quality Parent-child life.
Swire Trust 2022 Community Fund to Fight COVID-19
As the fifth wave of the pandemic spreads across Hong Kong, The Swire Group Charitable Trust (Swire Trust) supports over 30 NGO members of HKCSS through the “2022 Community Fund to Fight COVID-19” in providing essential services that vulnerable groups have been unable to access due to the pandemic, helping them retain a level of well-being in these difficult times.