Agency Member Introduction - Hong Kong Children Charity Foundation Company Limited
香港兒童慈善基金會由企業家、資深教師、資訊及電腦科技企劃及註冊護士成立,為基層兒童、殘障及智障兒童、病童及弱勢兒童 等,為他們創建一個健康及全面的均衡發展機遇。機構服務多元化,包括到戶探訪、環保講座暨環保藝術工作坊、海岸清潔、網上科技教育及緊急應援物資捐助等,讓他們建立自信、促進互相包容及尊重,長遠預防跨代貧窮及其衍生的社會問題。
Swire Trust 2022 Community Fund to Fight COVID-19
As the fifth wave of the pandemic spreads across Hong Kong, The Swire Group Charitable Trust (Swire Trust) supports over 30 NGO members of HKCSS through the “2022 Community Fund to Fight COVID-19” in providing essential services that vulnerable groups have been unable to access due to the pandemic, helping them retain a level of well-being in these difficult times.